12 Exclusive Belgian & Swiss Chocolate Box

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Linouï It means ‘extraordinary, incredible, unheard of, unprecedented’ in French. Once you taste our chocolate, we’re sure you’ll agree. Linoui is a little chocolaterie in Bangalore that has a truly delicious mission – to bring the finest chocolates and the fine art of chocolate making to Bangalore. With a passion (and palate) for the finer things in life and the best chefs in the country, we’re going to change the way you look at chocolate.

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  • Ferrero Rocher's Pack - 4 Pcs in Box

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Product Storage Tips:

1. Avoid excessive changes in temperature during the transportation and storage of the product.

2. The product should be stored far from strong smelling products – such as cheese, perfumes, and spices.

3. We recommend storing Ferrero Premium chocolates in a cool, dry place at a temperature of 65° - 72° F. Ferrero does not advise keeping the product in cold storage, however, if it is necessary to store the product in a fridge, due to an unfavorable climate, it is important to put it into an airtight container to protect it.

4. Please store the product away from heat sources (ovens, toasters, grills, refrigerators, hot air, radiators) and away from direct sunlight (windows).

5. It is advisable to avoid exposing the product to humidity exceeding 60%.