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Immerse yourself in the enchanting embrace of the Christmas season with our exquisite handcrafted bouquet of vibrant red roses and lush pine branches. This Christmas bouquet is a visual symphony of boldness and brightness, capturing the essence of the festive spirit with its vivid colors and festive adornments.

The red roses, radiant and full of passion’s fire, symbolize the warmth and love that define the holiday season. Each bloom tells a story of joy and celebration, creating a stunning visual display that mirrors the contagious enthusiasm of Christmas. Paired harmoniously with verdant pine branches, the Christmas  bouquet unfolds a narrative of hope and new beginnings, as the evergreen branches reach higher and higher, echoing the optimism that Christmas brings.

This Christmas gift is more than just a bouquet; it’s a manifestation of festive cheer designed to permeate your surroundings with joy throughout the year. As you hold this bouquet close to your heart, you’ll feel the magic of the season enveloping you. The intertwined red roses and green pine branches create a timeless symbol of Christmas spirit, making it a perfect expression of love and happiness.

The Christmas  bouquet’s design goes beyond mere aesthetics; it encapsulates the very spirit of Christmas, evoking feelings of warmth, togetherness, and the promise of brighter days ahead. Its beauty is not just in the arrangement but in the emotions it evokes, setting you apart and adding a touch of sparkle to your eyes.

Celebrate the holidays with a gift that transcends the ordinary, a Christmas bouquet that captures the essence of the season and spreads joy wherever it goes. Let the spirit of Christmas bloom in your heart and home, as the red roses and pine branches weave a magical tapestry of love and goodwill. Embrace the festive cheer, and may this bouquet be a symbol of the joyous moments and new beginnings that the Christmas season brings.


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While we strive to create the bouquet exactly as shown in the picture, there may be instances where flower substitutions are necessary due to seasonal conditions. Rest assured, our expert florists ensure your arrangement is absolutely beautiful.

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Flower care

Upon receiving your bouquet, remove the packaging and allow the flowers to breathe. Place them in a clean vase filled with water.
Keep flowers away from direct sunlight or areas with excessive heat and directly below ceiling fans.
Ideal temperature for flowers is between 8-22 degree Celsius.
Change the water daily, cut the stems 2 cms atleast and remove the leaves below waterline

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We need 4 hours for delivery from the time of order received.
We undertake only one delivery attempt considering the delicate nature of our product.